Hi frens.
It’s me, Pipi
I would like to share new updates, and other things that I’ve been working on.

Forum Update


I’ve been trying to build my own marketplace where poeple can buy/sell their stuff. Why? There’s some benefit to this for everybody. Let’s say you bought a lot of stuff that you kinda regret buying, and want to get some money out of it, you can sell that on the forum. At the same time, there’s person A who wants to buy the same stuff, but can’t afford to get it at full price. And he stumbles upon your post, and bought the stuff you selling. You got some money, He got the item. That’s kind of the simple way of looking at it.

The way it works, we have our own currency in the forum that we call chinchin. If you want to buy stuff you need to bu chinchin from me. And if you selling stuff you will be paid in chinchin, in which later you exchanged to me for money. More details in forum.

More Things in Forum

I’m putting more stuff in forums, such as daily login, polls, and more stuff in the upcoming update.
When you do a daily login you will get certain amount of chinchin as rewards. You will also get chinchin when you post on the forum. More details in forum.

Discord Update

Limitting who can enter

In the past few months, Discord looking to be more and more unsafe for us to do this thing, so we want to limit our activities on discord. That is also one of the reason we’ve been trying to migrate to forums, especially for posting and sharing. So in the future, we won’t be sharing discord invite links in our file anymore.

Being more exclusive

We will make the Discord server to be more exclusive, in the near future. Which means people who just joined, won’t be able to see anything. They need to contribute, or at least be familiar with the server, either by talking or posting. We will be implementing one of those leveling bots, unfortunately. It was something we don’t really want to do, but it is what it is, we kinda had to do it.

Website Update

For the most part, this website will remain the same, we are just going to change some things around, such as moving the request page to our forum.

Thank you so much for using this website, despite it lacking a lot of stuff compared to other’s website.
I can’t possibly compete with other websites because I have full time job 12Hr/day. But I’ll try to do what I can to compete with them in other way.

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