Important Update!

Hello friends!

You’re probably wondering where I am.
For those of you who are in my discord server, I’m always there with you.
But for those who only used this website, I’ll let you know.

I haven’t been updating much since December and there’s a reason for that. Around that time I was switching my job, and have been busy ever since. Now I’m finally able to adapt to my new job and able to have some little time after work.

Yes, that’s how busy I am. I’m very sorry. .

Right now I’m trying to get back to posting again, but I know I won’t be able to do much for now, so I plan to do 1 post a day. I hope it’s good enough for you guys.

If you noticed some missing post in here, that means I took it down either by personal request, or DMCA.
I have dealt with DMCA takedown request many many times, and it’s tiring and not worth it, so it’s easier for me just to take it down. In the future, I will make it easier for anyone who wants to request things to be taken down, so please be patient until I’m able to update Pipi Usagi.

And you might have noticed that all of the older post’s thumbnail / previews are broken. That is because the service that I used to host those (, had problem with their domain. Fortunately there’s no data loss, so everything is still there, it’s just the link is broken and needs to be replaced.

A really cool fren over there from helped me with fixing the configuration that I used, so for future post there’s no problem. And he also helped me set it up so that we can use our own custom domain! (it’s gonna be instad of Very cool! Massive thanks to Hidekazu for helping me with this. As for the older post, I will be replacing the old links with the new one, so please be patient, and I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

There are few things that I have never announced in any other place other than discord and forum. It’s about the Plus Membership that we’ve been running since November 2022.

Basically, we’ve been working on 2 types of memberships. Plus Membership and Plus Ultra Membership.

With the current Plus Membership, you will get 50$ worth of stuff with just 3$. The way it works is that at the start of a month, we compile some stuff that we think everyone will like, and make a poll on it. depending on our budget, we can then buy some of them, and distribute those. It’s similiar to Groupbuy or Payshare. But the difference is that, we don’t reduce the price when more people join, but we get more stuff instead. That’s why I said ” With the current Plus Membership “, because that’s what we could afford for now with the amount of people joining. 50$ worth of stuff for 3$. If more people are joining, we can get more stuff. We were able to get this running until now because of a help from a generous investor who fund this project for the next 6 months. So this will run for at least 3 more months.

As for Plus Ultra Membership it’s the same thing but it’s 5$ and I will give you a random stuff as a bonus. It’s for people who want to support/pay more, so if you can only afford the 3$, please go for that instead.

There’s a reason why I didn’t announce it in this website. Because I don’t want to draw much attention for it. Sure if more people are joining, it’s great. But there’s also more risk of leaking, and I don’t want it to affect the sales of the creator we bought from. So I’ll probably limit the amount of people who can join this.

If you’re interested you can go ahead to my discord server and look it up, or ask around. My bestfriends who are helping me managing the server, Jake and Mogu will help you.

We have dedicated server for plus, so there will be more info in there, and examples / teasers of things that we have bought previously.

For People who can’t read long text, TL;DR is

1. I was busy in the past few months with my work, and now trying to get back posting again.
2. There was an error with older post’s thumbnail/previews and I intend to fix it
3. Announcement of membership plan that I’ve worked on since November 2022.

I hope you guys have a great day!

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